InstagramCapture_b472febc-25ca-449b-9173-7385f020977e Dreaming of adventurous road trips and stories and photos of cool old stuff and drinking tea from enamel mugs.   WP_20150921_11_09_02_Pro Enjoying new life in the garden.   WP_20150919_16_45_55_Pro__highres Spending time with lovely neighbours – sipping, nibbling and singing tunes.   WP_20150919_10_22_35_ProWP_20150917_09_05_48_Pro Oogling over Lew’s latest drawings.   WP_20150919_16_24_16_Pro__highres   Scoffing!   WP_20150919_15_17_57_Pro__highres Celebrating with sweet little superheroes.   WP_20150917_15_02_41_Pro__highres Building new garden beds.   WP_20150909_17_40_44_Pro   Adoring the late afternoon tranquility.   WP_20150909_17_40_05_Pro__highres Treasuring the simple moments.   WP_20150908_19_59_10_Pro Stopping to smell the flowers picked for me by special people.   WP_20150908_10_57_03_Pro__highres Sipping coffee with friends at quaint little spots.   WP_20150826_14_06_12_Pro__highres Cuddling these two cuties.   And plenty of other things that make this life pretty darn lovely.   I hope you’ve been happy and healthy and enjoying life too.