WP_20150707_11_26_10_Pro__highres Not so long ago we packed up the camper van, loaded the boat and headed down south with the kids to the gorgeous little fishing village of Mallacoota. I hadn’t been there since I was a teenager and so it was like I was experiencing the place for the first time. What a lovely experience it was. WP_20150707_11_26_16_Pro Mallacoota is quaint and quiet and the coastline is beautiful. Not so dissimilar to our beautiful far south coast. We camped at a local caravan park right on this inlet. The sound of the waves from the beach just around the corner lulled us to sleep at night and the smell of the salty sea air pleasantly wafted through the door of the camper as we awoke each morning. Yep, it was blissful and relaxing and it made me question why the heck I’d been so worried about camping for so long.   WP_20150707_14_04_49_Pro   It’s funny thinking back to my thoughts on the whole camping phobia. Friends would often try to coax me into going camping  and I would always cringe at the thought of it and adamantly tell them no, I don’t do camping. As Lew got older and particularly once he became a teenager I started to feel a little of that good old parental guilt – I’d never taken my child camping! I knew that he’d need therapy later on, possibly by the age of 21, if I kept holding back on the camping thing so I vowed to a couple of my friends that I might try it sometime in the future. But I secretly hoped I could hold off for as long as possible.   WP_20150708_001 To be honest I think it was the thought of having all of the camping responsibilities. Thinking about setting up tents and building fires and all of the goings on that make up the whole camping thing and doing it all on my own didn’t help. But camping with Pete has been really fun. He’s a bit of an expert and has the packing and unpacking and setting up routine down pat. All the bits that stressed me out turn out to be the things he’s really great at.    WP_20150708_11_28_59_Pro   Anyway, fast track a little bit and here I am camping with my 15 year old who likes to complain a fair bit about the whole process though secretly I know he loved it. And can you believe  I did love it?   WP_20150707_11_35_01_Pro   So we spent a couple of lovely days by the water. The boys fished off the jetty and from the boat. we went for walks and collected shells and sat around the camp fire and toasted marshmallows and played card games and pretty much just chilled out and unwound.   WP_20150708_002WP_20150708_11_03_23_Pro   This cute little wattle bird was so friendly. I hand fed it while we nibbled pies and pastries at the little bakery across from our camp site.   WP_20150708_12_22_02_ProWP_20150708_13_03_35_Pro__highres   And when it came time to say goodbye to the gorgeous Mallacoota I felt the pull to stay another night or 10. Unfortunately the kids were keen to get home and do their thing but us adults could’ve handled another month or two just hanging out. Now I’m looking forward to our next little camping adventure. Where to next? Any suggestions?     WP_20150708_12_24_25_Pro