InstagramCapture_40adecd6-e7ea-4610-9c42-84626f94dc4d   Three garage sales and three lots of treasure. It was my lucky weekend!   WP_20150316_13_25_35_Pro   I find it hard to go past pretty glass insulators without taking them home. These purple ones  are extra pretty, I reckon. Loving that big one, extra especially.   WP_20150316_13_26_46_Pro__highres   This little treasure I bought for the frame but then I realised how much I love the painting so the whole thing will stay together now. I bought this from a garage sale in Bemboka but the actual frame used to hang in the old house at Kameruka Estate. Now that’s special!   WP_20150316_13_27_18_Pro   OK, I know what you’re thinking. I need another old suitcase like a hole in the head…but…but it’s green. Green! How could I leave it there all alone with no place to call home? I’m not that unkind. So off home she came with me.   Here’s where the frame ended up …for now. WP_20150316_13_29_35_ProInstagramCapture_f19dbb09-949e-4ada-b47c-e47e53b46999   And here’s the new home of one of the insulators.   WP_20150316_13_32_31_ProWP_20150316_13_33_02_Pro   The suitcase has been floating around from place to place. She’s been a tea and cake table, a wine and bikkies table, turned up the other way as a spot to rest my cuppa table. I can also see her in my bedroom as storage and an added bit of zingy green. Hmmm…decisions decisions.     So, how about you? Have you found any lovely little treasures on your travels lately?   Kim xWP_20150316_13_33_29_Pro