WP_20141114_11_58_42_ProWP_20141114_12_46_26_ProWP_20141114_14_05_07_ProWP_20141115_19_49_28_ProWP_20141117_14_47_42_Pro__highres   1 & 2. First time lawn bowling and my gorgy sister-in-laws 29th birthday. 3. One of Lew’s latest drawings. 4 & 5. A visit to the aquarium where we witnessed a marriage proposal of the most romantic kind. 6. Fish and chips, as you do after gazing at fish in aquariums. 7. Yummy salady lunches. 8. A homeschooling get together and Nethercote Falls. 9 & 10. A birthday party and a swim in a beautiful dam. 11. A rustic old bed beside the beautiful dam. 12. A BBQ with our lovely neighbours. 13. Pretty roses from a friend’s garden.   What have you been up to this past week or so?   Kim x