InstagramCapture_20c40c95-0d35-4c78-9b5f-5bc8a9d4af0a   I’ve been so self controlled lately. No garage saleing. No auctions. No op shopping. Until last weekend, that is.  I picked up a few old treasures who were begging to be taken home. I’m not one to refuse a begger or four!   WP_20141109_12_31_19_Pro  The red ladder. It’s going to double as a decorating feature and a quicker means of turning off our smoke alarm. Who designs houses with tall ceilings without thinking about things like reaching smoke alarms and changing light bulbs? Like most adventures of mine where I find an old treasure to bring home, I always go with the thought that I’ll be able to fit it all into my car. Always. I’ve argued with friends over this very thing as we’ve tried and tried to manoeuvre things in and still find room to get into the car and drive the treasures home. I’ve fought them tooth and nail that everything WILL fit. The glass is half full kinda thing. Where there’s a will there’s a way. So many times I’ve not been right. Last weekend was another little occasion like this but this time I had no other options available so  I made that delightfully l.o.n.g. red ladder fit. With the boot of the station wagon left open and the tip of the other end of the ladder sticking through the passenger front window I made it home alive, without a fine and most importantly, my red ladder in tow!   WP_20141109_12_32_20_Pro   I need more suitcases like a hole in the head but these two were particularly lovely and any time I see a suitcase with an old tag still dangling from it’s handle I can’t refuse it. So into the car it popped. The blue suitcase was owned by Mrs Atkins of Wolumla. I know some Atkins’ from Wolumla. I must chat to them about this suitcase.  I wonder if they owned it? Where has it been? What has it stored? Who’s bed did it live under? What did that tag say? I have so many questions for the Atkins’.   WP_20141109_12_32_29_Pro__highresWP_20141109_12_32_12_Pro   The bowl was an ummer and an aher. It’s not overly special. Not English china. Not in mint condition. But it’s sweet and a perfect size for small salads. And it was $1. Hello!   WP_20141109_12_32_43_Pro   So the ladder got a little wipe down and then found it’s new home inside right near the smoke alarm.   2014_11_10_09_50_32_ProShot2014_11_10_09_51_22_ProShot2014_11_10_09_51_58_ProShot2014_11_10_09_50_49_ProShot  I’m not 100% sure if it will stay in this exact position but for now it’s looking lovely and extremely tall. Like most of my new old treasures it will probably be shuffled around a little. I’ll keep you posted on it’s where abouts. I’m sure you’ll be dying to know. Ha.  WP_20141108_10_22_39_Pro   And of course, when there’s a cute old shed close by, how could I resist taking a photo. I could’ve taken home lots of bits and pieces from inside this shed. It was a treasure trove. Old bottles with 60 year old oils still inside. Fishing line on tiny timber reels. A broken timber little pigeon hole compartment shelf which took a lot of restraining, I can tell you. I kept looking at it and touching it and trying to find ways that it could be fixed but I could hear my Dad telling me it was way too far gone and only worthy of the tip so I listened, for once, and did what I was told. Oh the regret! So that’s it from me and my new old treasures. How about you? Have you nabbed some lovely old bargains recently? I’d love to hear about it if you have.   Kim x