WP_20140827_14_29_30_Pro   There’s nothing much better than sharing a pot of tea with a friend. Don’t you think?   WP_20140827_14_29_37_Pro__highres   Two women sitting around chatting with fingers wrapped around vintage, china cups filled with hot tea is a force to be reckoned with. The problems of the world get solved. Issues of the heart get shared. Plans get made. Friendships thicken. Life feels good.   WP_20140827_14_29_43_Pro   I have a couple of close friends who don’t drink tea. This is extremely disturbing to me and it is my mission in life {they are totally unaware of this so please keep it to yourself, OK?} to get them to drink tea with me. I feel the same way about friends who diet – I just wish they wouldn’t. Eating cake alone is a lonely, lonely journey. It’s so much better scoffing with a friend. Same goes for tea drinking.   WP_20140827_14_29_19_Pro   To onlookers, gawking through my dog-nose smeared windows, it may seem like we are having a lazy little afternoon siesta. So not the case! Looks can be deceiving, any experienced tea drinker who drinks with a friend knows this all too well. I can’t tell you how many parenting issues have been resolved around a pot of tea with a friend. My child has my tea for two drinking antics to thank for his happyish childhood.   WP_20140827_14_29_09_Pro   Good things happen around a tea pot! OK, I’m off to boil the jug. Anyone for tea? 🙂 Kim x