WP_20140804_09_18_27_Pro__highres   Twice this week, on our drives around the valley, we have had to stop for dairy cows. Thankfully, on both occasions, I was not in a rush to get anywhere. This might sound a little weirdo but I actually really enjoy having to sit and wait for these beautiful pedestrians to meander their way across the road. They are n.e.v.e.r in rush. Slow and steady. Sometimes they stop and check us out but they are always slow.   WP_20140806_13_04_34_Pro   As I sit there, in my car, sometimes annoying the pedestrians with my camera/phone, I feel myself breathing. Yeh, you know that stuff that goes in through your nose and out through your mouth? I feel that relaxed thing you get when you’re not going at 100 kilometres an hour – in your head! I notice myself exhaling and then breathing in that yummy dairy smell that wafts about these girls. Ahh, the peace.   WP_20140806_13_03_40_Pro   At these times, sitting there in my car, windows wound down{or whatever you do with electric windows}, I start to wonder why on earth the term ‘cow’ would ever be used as an insult to any female. Cows are so lovely. They are calm and inquisitive. They have a routine way of living that is so easy to be around. They nurture one another, especially their bubbas. They are quiet yet interactive.They are focussed and they stay on their path. They dwell peacefully together. They are pretty and strong. And they smell good. Who wouldn’t want to be a cow?   WP_20140806_13_03_26_Pro   I think I forgot how lovely cows are. Growing up I lived in between some dairy farms. When silly health laws were not invented yet, I used to ride my horse down our little dirt lane to the farmer’s dairy next door and pick up a lidded metal pail full to the brim with fresh, creamy milk. Eventually my mum got some cute little jerseys – Blossom and Pokey. Every morning mum would milk Blossom and bring in the milk for the day. Nice memories.   WP_20140806_13_03_13_Pro   Recently Lew and I looked after some jersey bull calves for someone. They were the cutest little things. They’d moo to us whenever they saw us and they’d follow us around the paddock like little puppy dogs. So sweet. I think it’s time we got  one of our own. It could definitely be time.  Hanging out with a cow could be a very good thing for me to do.   WP_20140804_09_28_41_Pro   There’s a lot to learn from cows. I’m ready to learn. Kim x