WP_20140728_11_58_56_Pro   One of the best things about being part of a family who like to cook is the eating it bit. My sisters, my brothers and I love to cook. Looks like Lew could be heading down that path too, which is a really lovely surprise for me.  My mum loved to cook. My Nan loves to cook. Her mum loved to cook. My uncle Ron loved to cook. Joanne likes to cook. Dad doesn’t even mind a spot of cooking these days. Cookerers everywhere!   WP_20140728_12_03_50_ProWP_20140728_12_04_48_Pro   My sister, Sarah, is the sweet cook. She has this knack of cooking the richest, sweetest, most decadent things and only ever ends up eating the tiniest of pieces. She loves to try out different recipes, have one taste and then let the food rot in its tin or container in the fridge. That’s why we need to have regular visits, just so we can stop her food from rotting. We’re a nice, caring family like that;)   WP_20140728_12_05_08_ProWP_20140728_13_02_19_Pro   I especially love my family when they bring their baked goods over to my place for some good old fashioned sharing. These days no one’s allowed to eat until the photos have been shot. I’m helping them all really and truly appreciate their food and savour the moments before the devouring.  I know that deep down, well beneath the scowls and whingey, whiney voices they choose to use while they sit and wait, and wait, and wait…..and wait, drool dripping from their lips {thankfully I like to wipe down surfaces a lot!} for me to stop photographing…. yeh, deep down beneath all that, is a true appreciation of the food that is before them.   WP_20140728_13_04_05_ProWP_20140728_13_04_12_Pro   I just love helping them savour the moment.   WP_20140728_13_04_21_Pro__highresWP_20140728_13_04_26_ProWP_20140728_13_06_22_Pro__highres   Because once that first cut has been made and the slices are handed around to the vulturous clutches surrounding the table there is a devouring that takes place which is never, ever all that pretty. Once that happens, the photographic moments are lost and everyone can breathe a crumb-spraying sigh of relief, loosen up their belt buckles and feel really, really …. sick. Sick and relieved.   WP_20140728_13_13_17_Pro   Actually I think it’s more, I’m the one who always feels sick after the family devourings and the rest of them feel relieved that the camera is no longer in my sticky, cake crumb covered hands.   WP_20140728_13_13_27_Pro   Do you belong to a family of cookerers? Are you guts’ like us? Kim x