InstagramCapture_4f34492d-34c4-46aa-992e-2317076b30a9_jpg   These wintery days beg me to drink more tea. They nag, nag, nag at me until I put the jug on and pour that steaming hot water into the freshly-cut-grass smelling tea leaves. Mmmmm….bliss. Peace. WP_20140707_13_12_39_Pro   I love sipping tea at home in the sunshine while chatting with Lew or on my own, reading through my favourite blogs.   WP_20140708_10_39_23_Pro   I love drinking tea in a camping style enamel mug, with a tea bag and a choccy bickie or 3 in a park somewhere nice. {Twinings Assam Bold is my favourite tea right now. Yum!}   WP_20140513_15_58_47_Pro__highresWP_20140513_16_07_29_Pro__highres   I love sipping tea with my niece and Sunny on the verandah in the late afternoons while being read to.     WP_20140707_13_12_00_Pro   But my favourite tea drinking moments are sipping with a good friend, around an old rustic table as the wintery sunshine beams through the windows. Chatting and sipping, sipping and chatting. That’s the best way to drink tea in winter, I reckon.   WP_20140710_14_05_39_Pro__highres         I’m so glad winter is a beggar.   So, how about you? Are you a tea drinker? What’s your favourite way to enjoy a cuppa?   Kim x