[september 2010 018[3].jpg] flowering peach at the purple house in front of the veggie garden – which has all been ripped out by the new owners.   After that garden honesty post last Sunday, the one about how I was feeling pretty flat about my new garden and how slow things seem to be moving along, I went and had a flick through some old blog posts searching for photos of my purple house garden in the earlier days. There were some before and afters with dates on them which I was really thankful to see. Those dates gave me a glimmer of hope. One day my new garden WILL be established. Time and rain and some tending are really all it needs to become something lovely. My impatience is a terrible trait and I need to keep it in check, big time. Slow and steady ….and all that. Less whingeing more working. It’s so easy to get into the rut of comparisons between the old place and the new. I might just have forgotten the hard work that went into those early years of gardening at the purple house. I seem to only remember the meanderings around snipping flowers for pretty bunches to bring inside or for a friend and the oohing and ahing at the new buds and the rapidly growing trees and shrubs. I think it’s all coming back to me no, though, since looking at those photos. The blisters. The sweat. The tears. The whingeing and moaning and wishing things would hurry up and grow. Here are the photos from that  post way back in 2010…. March 2008: [116[2].jpg] Can see all of the ugly mesh fence. The robinia is small and so too the peach. The hedging plants near the cherries are scraggly looking. About one year later – January 2009   [P1041048[2].jpg][P1041049[2].jpg] The peach has grown. The buddleia near the red slide has grown. The cherries have been moved and the veggie gardens added. Another bed below the veggie beds have been added {flowering quince and crab apples}. Two years later – April 2010 [from Kianniny March 2010 057[2].jpg] [Good Friday 2010[2].jpg] Can hardly see that mesh fence thanks to the  pitosperums. Everything’s grown. Peach tree is huge. Red slide has dissappeared from view. Robinia is huge. Quinces have grown. Roses off verandah are huge. Everything’s thickened up and filled out.   [April 2010 again 020[5].jpg]   So here’s my Ode to Self: 2 years is not long. Get in, do the hard work and stop whingeing. It’ll all be growing before you know it. Oh, and thank you so much for the lovely comments you left here after that whingey honesty post. They really did help me to feel better and more motivated and  less impatient. Thanks so much:) Kim x