InstagramCapture_4d05e8d5-1fcb-4be9-9fb0-fd1b50434695_jpg   Blogging can be a tricky thing when it comes to sharing what’s going on in life through the lense of a camera and through the typed, heavily edited word.  Sometimes I walk away from a blog post with a bit of a pit in my stomach,  not feeling like it’s all been fully honest and real when it comes to how my life really, honestly looks. I’m left wondering what my friends and family who actually do  visit my garden think when they know how things really look here. [september 2010 018[3].jpg] Purple House garden……sob   To be honest I’m finding it all a bit overwhelming and sometimes, possibly everyday lately, I wonder if I’ve truly made the right decision taking on all of the responsibilities that go into owning and starting afresh on 3 acres of  blank canvas {not including the acres of grapevines and wire and posts and humpy ground, of course}. There’s just always so much to do in life regardless, you know, home schooling and parenting, household stuff, work and writing and blogging stuff, mowing the lawn, looking after the animals, paying the bills ….bla bla bla, let alone all of the stuff I need to get done around here to get it happening in the garden. Which leads me to the honest garden shots. I very rarely show you much of the garden here, have you noticed? I share snippets and close ups because in the not too distant horizon {like really close up, like less than 1 metre away} is always a mess of grass, a tangle of weeds, a bare, hard as a rock bank, a weed entwined unfinished gravel path, unplanted fence lines, stick like trees, messy bulges covered with bright blue tarps – evidence of the still limited storage areas. Mess mess mess. Crop crop crop. Crop the photos, that is. But not today. Today I’m going to show you a bit more than those close up flowery shots in the hope that these will be the ‘befores’ and soon there will be ‘after’ shots to share. I am feeling pretty motivated to get a lot done this cooler season. My mulch source has been restocked, the cardboard has started to be collected once again {I’ve decided to go back to my no-dig days and I’m excited, in a lazy kind of way}, the old red bricks are being brought  down to the house barrow by barrow, ready for their new lives as garden edges. Trees that were planted almost 12 months ago are being uprooted and replanted – there doesn’t seem to be one that can stay in it’s original spot. Fancy flipping that! 20 sheep will be arriving in a week or so – borrowed lawn mowers for the wild paddocks. The veggie garden is having a full blown make over – weeds that have not let up all summer are being severely dealt with. Soil that hadn’t been well is being given a new lease of life. The chooks are being bribed with special treats for working their magic in their veggie garden chook tractor. So I’m hoping, that by the end of this lovely cooler time of year, I will be feeling less overwhelmed and much more content that the garden in this new-ish little place is finally feeling a bit established and on it’s way. .   So beware of the ‘befores’ and the very, very real and honest images! Front garden, north facing verandah. WP_20140412_16_51_01_Pro   The chooks have annihilated the same north verandah garden and managed to get rid of every shred of mulch. This is cause for some serious chook discipline…I’m nervous. How the heck do you teach chooks to stay out??????   WP_20140412_16_52_00_Pro   Same garden with the some new bed positions being tried and tested. Semi-unpainted verandah that needs to be finished. WP_20140508_14_49_16_Pro__highres     Those olives have to be moved. More trees are going to be planted in that section between the old bricks and the chook pen to protect the house from the west and to make the house a little more cosy.  WP_20140510_13_09_11_Pro     The rock hard embankment along the southern side of the house and the bare back area with stick like trees barely visible. Definitely a sight for sore eyes.  Most of these trees need to be moved this season.   WP_20140508_14_51_04_Pro__highres   Ahhhh..back to the cropped, close up shot. Much better don’t you think? Mr Lincolne has become a favourite of mine here. It spot flowers all spring and summer and autumn and has the best rosey smell ever.   WP_20140508_14_50_47_Pro   Well, that’s enough of my real and honest garden photos for one day, don’t you think? Tell me, do you bare all in your photo sharing online or do you tend to only show the good bits? Kim x