Oh wow,  while  sipping tea and nibbling my raison toast {with heaps too much butter} this morning I’ve had a lovely time over at a gorgeous blog called Ida Frosk. Have you heard of it?  I’ve visited Ida Frosk quite a few times in the past and have loved what I’ve seen there but visiting  while having tea and toast is a perfect thing to do. You’ll see why in a minny {if you haven’t ever heard of Ida Frosk, that is}.   Ida Skivenes, the author of Ida Frosk, is based in Norway and has recently ranked one of the top 100 most creative people in business for 2014 along with people like Jerry Seinfeld! A pretty special ranking, don’t you think? She’s an instagram artist and blogger and she does the most amazing things with a plate and some food. Here are some of her creations that you can also see over on her instagram spot {idafrosk} and on her blog. Grab your tea and toast and enjoy!     How cool are those plates of food! Aren’t they fun? Some people are just so clever. Ida’s  one of those people. Ida also lets her readers in on the behind the scenes space where her creative food plates are made. Her kitchen is cute and humble and I loved having a bit of a sticky beak around, as you can imagine:)   So retro. I love it! Ida’s also written a book called: Playful Breakfasts.   And how cool {and appropriate for tea & toast} is this? Ida has an Art Toast project. It’s a project that she has set up for creating edible remakes of major works of art by famous artists. Clever, huh?     I could look at Ida’s food cleverness all day. What did you think? Have you seen Ida’s work before? Let me know your thoughts. Happy Saturday!   Kim x     all images shared on  this post are Ida’s and can be found on her blog.