levi's wedding april 2014 (4)levi's wedding april 2014 (8)WP_20140404_12_59_20_Pro__highreshomeschooling group games day april 2014 (6)WP_20140402_18_14_26_Propip robyn april 2014 (43)WP_20140330_19_38_38_ProWP_20140330_17_16_34_ProWP_20140330_16_15_54_Pro  /My cousin’s wedding/ Peppermint tea with a friend/ Games day with the homeschoolers /Lew’s drawing of Sunny/ The launch of Pip magazine/ baking lots of berry and rhubarb crumbles /Making pumpkin soup from my home grown butternuts/ Pickling cucumbers/ Amidst the lovely, drizzly rainy days we’ve been keeping busy.  Lew’s been having fun on Code Academy. It’s hurting my head but I’m trying to follow along as well. I’m loving the drawings he’s been doing lately. Can’t wait to see more chooky ones. I have lots of plans for the next stage of the garden, now to get in and get the ball rolling. The cooler days are helping me get all garden motivated. There’s a lot of mowing and whipper snipping to do and plenty of weeds to be pulling out. Almost my entire veggie garden needs digging over and preparing for the winter crop. We’ve had some really fun homeschooling get togethers lately. The last one was a games day. I love it when the parents and kids run around together. It’s really, really fun and good for our group. My Dad gave me a lovely load of limb wood the other day. I think it might be getting close to lighting our first fire for the season. I love this weather! The launch of Pip magazine was pretty exciting. Robyn Rosenfeldt is a nice and talented girl and she also happens to be local. She was once the editor for Sustain magazine which was also locally produced. Pip is a national permaculture magazine and it’s funky and cool and I’m subscribing to it. I’m sure it’s going to do really, really well. Go, Robyn! OK, well that’s enough rambling from me, I’m sure. How about you? How’s your past week been? Any plans for the week ahead? Kim x