tea darling   Today is a cool day. Literally. It’s a tea sipping kind of tea. A perfect day to have a  birthday on. I love cool weather. I love the rain. Maybe it will rain today? That would be nice. Ahhhh, it is my birthday and that’s all great and lovely but I’m so, so, so happy today because it’s finally autumn! I love this time of year so much. The summer sends me into panic mode. I think I have season mood issues. Most people have it in winter but I’m a summer phobe.    marz and toms wedding and kamaruka estate january 2014 (320) (130)   Today’s also a really cool day because my beautiful uncle Ron, who is dealing with cancer right now, is having a fundraiser in his honour. I love Ron to bits and I’m so happy that today’s the day that the valley will be gathering around him, supporting him, caring for him and generally showing him they love him. It’s a lovely thing. He’s a bit humble about it all. He can’t understand why there’s going to be such a big turnout or why the community would be having a fund raiser for him. He’s a bit like that. May it be a wonderful night for you, Ron. Love you xox So it looks like today is going to be a pretty awesomely cool day. Ooooh, and is that rain clouds I see in that very grey autumn sky? I think it just might be. Happy 1st day of Autumn to you:)   Kim x   second hand styling yellow cup and flower