via The Village Green tumblr Tea & Toast is back. I may or may not have said this before. Let’s hope I won’t be needing to say it again;) OK, before we get going with our usual Tea & Toast  sticky beaking around, I need to set the scene for you. There’s a fair bit of imagining that will need to take place here. I need you to imagine that you have unlimited funds or a fantastic chunk of super to look forward to. Read: You have no money issues. Got that. Unlimited funds for what? Dream house and garden, that’s what. We are about to take a wander around the dream home exteriors that I would indulge in if money was no issue. But, while you’re wandering around my little dreams  I want you to be thinking about your own. Then I want you to leave me a comment and tell me what you would do to your nesty exteriors if money was also no issue for you. Does that sound like fun?   Alrighty, so are you ready to talk dream house exteriors and gardens? Let’s go down this little lane….   this photo was taken by Sarah from  Nomader What    What would your dream house be made of if you could choose anything at all? Timber? Brick? Stone? Straw? Mud? Gingerbread?   a pinterest treasure I love weatherboard houses. They are simple, humble and quaint. I especially love old weatherboard houses. Grey and white weatherboards, even better! Weatherboard would be at the top of my list. On the west-facing verandah a vintage Danish milking stool serves as a flower stand, echoing the vintage floral cushions... Photo by Sharyn Cairns for Country Style magazine Oh, and sandstone/limestone is pretty lovely too.   Garden The garden blooming with roses and perennials. photo by Mark Roper  for Country Style magazine   Hmmmm, and I also love old red brick. The barn is only three years old, but is given its aged look from reclaimed materials and a traditional /Read... The Red Brick Barn, Country Style magazine   And while you’re pondering that, how about your garden? What would you like to have in your garden if money was no issue? For me, right now, it would be trees. Tall, leafy, shady, deciduous trees.  Lucy’s Kitchen Notebook In the heat of summer newly planted trees just don’t cut it. Mine have been struggling to survive without rain and with weeks of heat and blustering wind over the past few months and our estate water pumping has had it’s fair share of hiccups along the way too. So the first thing I would do if I had unlimited funds would be  plant loads of developed trees. Wouldn’t an avenue of these be lovely? The driveway into Krinklewood Vineyard, Broke. In Country Style magazine Those timber fences wouldn’t hurt either. And a grove of silver birch with a little grassy, meandering path right through it. That would be nice too. A lush path through the birch wood.A stand of London plane trees. The Pear Walk photo by Claire Takacs, Country Style   As well as the lovely bones of fully established trees all around my dream house I most definitely would love some prettiness as well. Places to sit with a cuppa and a book, places to chat with family and friends, places to ponder the next season. Gardens like this … 5. Lavender makes a stunning garden statement. Easy to grow, these fragrant flowers can be pink, blue, grey, white or... A gorgeous garden photo by Sharyn Cairns, Country Style   and this … Italian cypresses, box hedging, and lavender give the entrance path a Mediterranean air. In Country Style magazine and this…. Once a tennis court, now a stylish parterre. Kennerton Green Photo by Sam McAdam-Cooper, Country Style I’m thinking I may also need to employ a gardener because as much as I love those clipped, formal gardens I am way more the rambling, overgrown kind of person. Though I’d still have to have some overgrown, rambling spots to hide away in as well.  Not greedy or anything, much.   Overgrown Garden     What sort of gardens would you love to have surrounding your dream house?   Amidst the gardens I would want to have a smattering of  outbuildings and I would pay my very lovely and clever Dad to build them all. Something like this would work well … Peacocks strut past the cellar door, whose entrance is decorated by urns from Garden Artistry in Sydney and bright... In Country Style magazine   And this …{with perfect cabbages to match, of course}    via Gardenista Oh, and a garden room … Rachel Ashwell.. Rachel Ashwell’s garden room via Garden and Gun   Some sort of water feature would add a nice touch too, don’t you think? Maybe a little dam like this one … Garden A grove of birch trees lines the side of the man-made / br /As seen in the July issue of Country Style...  Photo by Prue Ruscoe for Country Style magazine   or this …. Two of the geese that share the lake with several swans. In Country Style magazine   and something a little more formal as well … The fountain and plane trees were part of Annie Wilkes's garden design.   And of course, because money is of no concern today,  I would definitely add an eco, natural swimming pool for these hot old summers …   more natural pools here   woodhouse-biotop-natural-pool-24 check out this cool website for natural pools   All that dreaming was definitely fun, don’t you think? But to be absolutely honest, I think I would stay right where I am. If I could I’d probably have a stack of fully established deciduous trees brought in to give us instant summer shade. I’d add established gardens and some sort of body of water to our place – maybe a big dam or something …but I think that would be it. I really don’t need to have the dream house which cost mega bucks to build. I really don’t think I’d need to live anywhere else. I’m content with what we have. Humble. Simple. No extravagance. I’d still buy second hand furniture and love vintage treasures. I would still choose recycled materials over new. I would always get my Dad to build me stuff because he’s the best builder I know. I would still choose a small, cosy home over one that takes me hours to clean and upkeep. But, it is fun to dream. Now it’s your turn. Tell me what you’d do if you had unlimited funds. What sort of house would you have? Where would you live? Why would you live there? Leave me a comment down there, I’m itching to hear:) I’m nosey like that. Kim x   Disclaimer: From time to time I do sponsored posts. I only ever write posts that I want to write and that are relevant to me and my blog and my readership. Note: If I have incorrectly linked photos on this post please don’t hesitate to let me know and I will fix it all up immediately:)