IMG_1536   How are you this rainy, stormy Saturday evening? We’ve just had to pull out all of our techno stuff scattered about this little house so the lightning doesn’t give it a  zap. That leaves us lacking in the online department. At least my trusty laptop and good old  live writer let me continue working on this post and hopefully, by the time I’m finished, there’ll be no lightning around and  I’ll be able to quickly plug my modem back in and press publish. Fingers crossed.   IMG_1566   We should be at a surprise birthday party right now but I’ve had a bit of trouble with my back lately and I’m in need of some sit down time to try to give it a bit of a rest so unfortunately we’re now missing out on the party:( But … at  least I get to chat with you and ask you something that’s been on my mind lately. What would that be, I hear you wondering? Well I’m trying to suss out what kind of readers you all are. When I began blogging it was some time way back in 2006. I barely even knew what a blog was and I certainly had no idea about readership and followers and blog hops and memes and  linking up and all of that boggy hoo ha. I began blogging because I wanted to journal Lew’s unschooling life somehow online. I fell across this site called blogger and next thing I knew I’d set myself up an online blog.  I started off writing in a  fairly formal way. Most of my posts were much more like articles than conversations and  my voice was fairly stilted {at least it feels like that in my head – you may think I’m still stilted??}. Over time  I got the gist of blogging and it’s purpose. Yes it’s about writing and sharing but it’s also about connecting with an audience that can actually respond and who has an opinion. I became far more conscious of my writing but also a lot less formal and much more conversational. I started thinking about the people who might be reading my blog {if any!} and what they might think about certain topics I babbled on about. My blogging purpose began to change. Nowadays I would say I blog for two reasons – one is the same old one, the reason I began to blog in the first place – to keep a journal of our life for Lew to have and either cherish to pieces or cringe at forever and a day. The second reason main reason that I blog is  … you. To connect with you, my lovely readers. It may sound like a suck up, crawly thing to say but I so don’t mean it in that way. There is something really cool about reading your comments and following your blogs {if you are a blogger} and getting to know you that keeps me keeping on here.  So if you don’t mind me asking, what is it that keeps you coming back to Feather & Nest? Apart from my stunning beauty and amaze balls {thanks for that word, Annie!} writerly ability, of course. I’ve popped a poll onto my side bar up on the top right hand side of my blog and I’d really love it if you could take a moment or two to tick which things you most like to hear about here. Could you pleasey do that? I’d be so happy. And you’ll be heaps less bored because I may even write about some stuff that you’re actually interested in;) Thanks heaps and I hope you’re all safe and dry and enjoying the sound of  rain on a little tin roof somewhere out there.   blog signature