IMG_1064   I’ve been thinking about this whole blogging thing lately. Sometimes I feel so very inspired and I get the urge to write and write and write and write. Other days I feel more flat lined and wonder what on earth there is for me to write about. I’m wondering if a big part of my problem is that I’ve gone back to using my blog as a recording zone for all of the stuff that goes on around me. Great as a record of our life here in this little tin house but not so exciting for those of you on the other side of my screen who maybe looking to add a little zing and excitement to your own lives. Let’s face it, you’re not getting holiday jet setting to exotic locations from me here, are you? You’re also not getting funky city living gos. It’s all pretty low key, countrified stuff here from this unschooling mum. Unschooling and chickens and flowers and sticks of trees and, like someone recently said to me, rolling pins. {actually they said: what’s with all the rolling pins?}.  IMG_9673 - Copy   Amongst all of the mundanish stuff that I blab on about there’s also a huge smattering of extreme mediocre writing. I’ve become a recorder of stuff instead of a writer. That worries me. I feel like I’m losing the ability to make the most out of the written word. I’m not being careful enough. I’m not editing enough. I’m not thinking enough about every.single. word. I need to get back to this. Back to the beauty of the written word. It will be then that the mundaneness {my word!} of my life {which I happen to really love, btw} will have a little more zing and a little more beauty for you who live on the other side of my screen. Do you think? Oh, and I wanted to ask you some stuff about commenting. Some of you are so very faithful and you keep on coming back and reading the stuff I write. You let me know that you’re there and I love, love LOVE that. I thank you so much because  it’s those lovely comments that give me the inspiration to keep going even when I’m feeling a little flat linerish. I have noticed though, especially over the past couple of months, a bit of a decline in the amount of comments being left. I’m  wondering why. Is it the mundane dribble that’s shared here? Is it lack of time? Is it my lack of connection? IMG_9377 (2) - Copy   There has been quite a lot of talk about the lack of commenting and the general lack of community in the blogging world  over the past year or so. High end bloggers are talking about it and worrying about it too. There once was a vibrant, enthusiastic, sharey kind of blogging community out there. Lately it has become less vibrant and a lot less sharey.  Why is the community thing lacking at the moment then? We are all wondering. The blogging community is a very difficult thing to explain to those who don’t blog, don’t you think? It is a real, live community of people {real people} who share a common interest – blogging. But it usually goes far deeper than that. Often bloggers that we follow and read are also people we’d be friends with in real life if they happened across our path. There are so many bloggers I have met online over the years that I’m still yet to meet in real life but who I truly consider a friend. You know who you are:) That friendship develops through communication. A comment here and a response there. A shared link here and an instagram photo there. Some facebook page likes and a comment or 10 and friendships begins to blossom and become nurtured and it’s all really lovely and community like. Real stuff.  IMG_9721  So that leads me to some things I wanted to ask you: * Are you a part of the blogging community? * Do you feel the lack of commenting and sharing these days? * Are you a commenter? If so, what makes you comment on certain posts? If not, why not? Is it lack of time or shyness or something else perhaps? What would make you want to comment more often? Oh and I also wanted to ask one more thing – can one have too many photos of rolling pins? LOL Maybe you don’t have to answer that one.  IMG_9504   Some stuff to ponder up there. I really looking forward to hearing what your thoughts are.   blog signature