Tea &  Toast is back! Anyone remember it???? It’s been …hmmm, almost a year  since my last Tea & Toast sticky beak fest. There were a few reasons why I decided to take a Tea & Toast break. They mainly had to do with online image copyright scares at the time. A lovely bloggy friend of mine eventually closed her entire blog down over the internet fears around image copyright at around this time last year. I still feel sad when I think about it because I miss her blog so much – it really was a bright spark in my morning bloggy read but I get why she made the decision she made and thankfully she’s on instagram so I don’t miss out completely. After lots of chatting to other bloggers about the whole copyright issues and blog sharing I made a decision  to use only photos I’d taken myself or photos that I had verbal permission to use here. I may have waivered a couple of times since then but I’ve pretty much stuck to my guns and feel good about the changes I made along the way. For now I have chosen to keep past posts up. I’ve gone through and made sure every image is credited and if anyone has ever queried my crediting I’ve been quick to amend it or made it even more creditable. I have my own opinion  about photo sharing online and I kind of go down the track of ‘if there’s no precautionary action made on an image then it’s available for others to use for sharing purposes’. Obviously I don’t think anyone has the right to gain money from using someone else’s material. That’s a definite no no, but when an image or article is fairly credited and linked to the owner I honestly don’t think there’s a violation being made. I know everyone has their own opinion on this but that’s  mine. After almost a year of re-thinking and re-planning I think I might have come up with something that will still be fun and will have a huge amount of sticky beaking attached but that will also show case bloggers who I really admire and who I follow and who have so much to offer in the way of feathery and nesty things. There’s been a lot of talk  in the blogosphere lately about the importance of sharing and creating a community within blogging circles. There seems to be a little bit of a lack of that happening at the moment. Everyone’s busy doing their own thing and there’s never enough hours in the day to do all of the bits and pieces we’d like to do. But I have to say, getting to know other bloggers and reading what other people have shared on their blogs really has been a wonderful part of my blogging life over the past few years. I’ve learnt so much from blogs and I’ve made some lovely new friends along the way. There are so many like-minded people out there …. So, here’s how Tea & Toast is now going to work. Every month or so {I’m not going to be strict on amounts as I generally fail miserably when I am} I am going to show case feathery and nesty blogs that I love and follow and that I think you will love and want to follow, if you’re not already. Each blog will have a bit of a loose theme to it where I will be pulling out certain photos from the blog that capture what it is that I love so much about that particular blog. There’ll be lots and lots of sticky beaking and much need for tea and toast, of course, and I’d really love it if you could pop on over to these blogs and say hi and let them know I sent you. They’d be stoked if you could do that:). It’s all about sharing and  developing connections and of course sticky beaking around as well. Alright! Are you ready then? I trust that you’ve got a cuppa all brewed and some toasty morsel ready to nibble as we get back to Tea & Toasting, the revamped, 2013 version. ……………….   Today’s Tea & Toast bloggy sticky beaking fest is all about ….. Pearl & Elspeth. This blog is owned by some lovely local friends of mine: Annie and Genevieve. These girls are all about getting back to the simple things in life. This is what it says after their blog title: making, sewing, building, cooking, growing, crafting, thinking, talking, learning….


They’ve gone and built their own little straw bale house on a lovely block of land up the road from me and they are constantly busy creating a beautiful edible haven for their family. I love their blog for so many reasons: it’s real, it’s owned by people I know and really, really like,  it’s all gardeny and foody and there are so many other lovely nesty things smattered about the blog as well. What I really love about Pearl & Elspeth is the quirky, unique flavour the girls bring to their blog. Literally! They don’t baulk at cooking up the local weeds and trying them out in gourmet style dishes. They don’t hesitate to pick blackberries off their wild blackberry patches and make jam. They even have a go at killing and eating their own chickens. It’s good, wholesome, living off the land kind of stuff and they do it with such style and funkiness. So, I’ve gone and stalked with permission their blog for some garden, foody and kitcheny posts that I think will get you wanting to pop on over there and look at the rest of their life. It’s all pretty inspiring, that’s for sure.   This is Genevieve and Annie’s block of land before they began their straw bale build.     Once the work got started it didn’t take long until …     this bare space of earth became their little nest.     Gardens started to emerge.    you’ll find more cool stuff  here   Pearl & Elspeth is full to the brim with yummy recipes, most of which are cooked outside on an open fire or on the BBQ. This straw bale is Annie and Genevieve’s studio, the ‘proper’ house will be built a little later on so things like bathrooms and the kitchen have been created very simply but oh, so tastefully.   more here Genevieve at her outdoor food prep bench made by Annie. more here more here Don’t ever think simple means skimping. There’s no skimping going on in the Pearl & Elspeth neck of the woods, that’s for sure.   Does anyone remember those Zucchini Pickles I ranted about not so long ago? Those jars of precious gold!     Take a look at these meals. You’d be forgiven to think they were prepared and cooked in a very expensively decked out, state of the art kitchen.   more here   Roasted red pepper salad with nasturtium pod ‘capers’ and home-made preserved lemons, local olives, hummus and home-made, still warm flatbread.. Mmmmmm…. all prepared and cooked and eaten outdoors. Amazing!   go here to check out more Balckberries grow wild on Annie and Genevieve’s block. Do they leave them to the birds? Of course they don’t. go here This is Arroz con pollo. This is also the part where Annie and Genevieve eat their own chickens. I know, I know, it may not be for everyone. It was a difficult process for Annie and Genevieve to go through too, but they are all about sustainable living and let’s face it, if we choose to eat meat then really the best meat to eat is stuff that’s had a good life, is chemical free and a painless, quick death. I hope to think I can do this too as time goes on – not the actual killing bit but the raising my own meat to eat part.   Speaking of chickens, do you know what this little garden delight is?   It’s called Fat Hen and it is actually a weed. But does the fact that Fat Hen is a weed stop these girls from having a go at cooking it up? No sir-ry! go here to read about Annie and Genevieve’s weed eating & foraging go here to read more These girls have so much going on in their garden that they are now selling some of their surplus  at the local food coop. read more about that here Now that was just the tip of the lovely Pearl & Eslpeth iceberg. To check out more of their foody capers  pop on over  and say hi to them. They would love to have you stop by:)   Well, I hope you enjoyed the new Tea & Toast revamped, 2013 edition. Hopefully you’ll come back again;)   blog signature