Oh my goodness me, I’ve never eaten so much bread with cheese and pickles on it in all my life. I’ve been scoffing it down like there’s no tomorrow.   DSCF4809   Sadly, there is not going to be many more  tomorrows for this little jar of golden, pickley joy.   DSCF4807   This lovely little treasure in glass arrived in my kitchen after the Food Swap  we had over at my neighbour’s house a few weekends ago. I was the lucky snatcher of Genevieve’s yummy Zucchini Pickles and I’m so very glad that I was. Genevieve, by the way, has a lovely blog called Pearl & Elspeth which you should pop over and check out. You’ll love it!   DSCF4810 DSCF4811   Although I will mourn the loss of the pickles once  I scrape the last of them from it’s cutely labelled jar,  I’m so very pleased to have known them.   DSCF4808   It was so nice knowing you. And thank you, thank you, thank you, lovely Genevieve for swapping your gorgeous Zucchini Pickles at our Food Swap:) Kim x