Well, hello there:) I feel like I’ve been way too absent here. I’ve been busily moving into our new nest – things are absolute chaos and disarray so I can’t show you anything much just yet but once we’re a little bit more set up for normal living I’ll be sharing away. I’ve also been trying to fit in some time to do my BYW Boot Camp e-course {which is so much fun and inspiring me hugely – if only I had a little more time to really digest it all!} in between shifting furniture, rearranging books and bowls and breakfast stuff and trying to get in a little bit of much needed social get togethers that Lew is in desperate need of. So I thought I’d show you something I’ve just learnt how do to. This post is a topic for my Week One Homework and, even though it’s already Week Two, I’m hoping that Holly will let this little date discrepancy slide and accept my post as homework anyway. Beg. Plead. Most of you probably know how to do this already – I know lots of you do because I’ve been oogling over your blogs trying to work out how the heck you get your photos to collage so nicely. So I guess I’m outing myself in saying that when I’ve attempted to do collagey layouts for my blog I’ve used good old publisher. And, well, let’s just say, they haven’t turned out very well. You might have noticed;) But now I’ve learnt that some of you clever cookies have really clever software that do these things for you. So Holly suggested some software that could be helpful in creating lovely photos and I thought I’d have  a little play. So this morning I downloaded Picasa which is a free photo software {I know, you knew that, didn’t you?}. I’m just the slow kid on the blog {haha ….get it? blog….block…} and this is what I did with Lewi’s lovely moth photos ….   2012-10-07 001 Da da! One Picasa collage. Very basic, I know, but a really good start for me. I always feel like I’m so slow off the mark with these things. Thankfully I’m learning lots from Blog Your Way Boot Camp and I’m sure, by the end of it, I’ll not feel so duh-y. Picasa is so easy to use – it took me about 10 minutes to do from my initial download to the finish of the collage. YouTube has lots of ‘how toos’ so I’’ll be having  a little traipse around there to learn some more but for now I’m stoked to be able to do a proper collage. Finally! How about you? Can you collage?  Please tell me that I’m not the only one who had no idea how to do it. Please!!!   Kim x