via – you can buy it here   Good morning evening to you on this lovely wintery, Tea & Toasty morning night. {Can you tell that I began this post this morning and now it’s night time and I’m still working on it?} How is the weather right now, in your neck of the woods?  Lately it has been absolute perfection here. Sunny days. Crisp nights. Frosty mornings. All of the reasons why winter is one of my favourite times of the year. Yesterday was a little nippy, though. {Today turned out to be just as chilly} Cold, southerly wind chilling everyone, who dared the outdoors, to the bone. I still loved it though. I love that feeling of being tossed around by the cold, wintery elements outside and then quickly escaping it to the warmth of a toasty nest. The bones start to thaw. The icicles on the fingers start to melt. Simmering soupy aromas  waft about the place. Bread is  in the oven.  The wood box is nice and full and the fire’s sizzling away. What is there not to like about this time of year? So, today’s Tea & Toast is all about keeping warm. Think tea cosies and tea, sizzling fires, heart warming food, snuggly rugs and  hot chocolates. Don’t you love this month’s cover of Country Style? It’s all about keeping warm. Wool everywhere. A perfect issue for wool lovers like my step-mum:)     Grab something hot to drink and something toasty to nibble and let’s go get warm …   Wool and knitting – so very wintery and cosy, don’t you think?   via via Tea cosies … via via and warm winter breakfasts … via via Hot chocolates … via via by the indoor fire … Pinned Image via Pinned Image   via via or the outdoor one …. via   Lots of baking … via via   Cosy beds … via via via   and handmade lovelies …   via   via via   Trusty old boots for keeping your toes toasty and warm … via via A lovely place to rest to end a wonderful wintery day… via via via Wasn’t that a nice way to spend a winter’s morning night? I hope you enjoyed it. Happy Tuesday! Kim x