It’s The Guest Nest time again. Where on earth did June go? I have a little embarrassing confession to make too before we start. I  was always planning to post this Guest Nest today in a non-scheduled manner, the way I do for most of my posts. But then yesterday my neighbours popped over for a little visit and we got to talking about the months of the year, as you do, and I found myself in the middle of a teeny tiny debate about how many days are in June. For some wacko reason I’d confused all of my Year 2 or 3 or whenever kids who go to school learn that stuff, stuff and convinced myself that June had 31 days in it and not 30 flippin’ 1! My polite-as-you-can-get neighbour proceeded to take out his phone and revealed the truth to me in a quiet, mobile-phoney-explains-it-all kind of manner. There it was staring me in the face. That flashing yellow mobile phone calendar humbly, like a neon sign, declaring the error of my ways. Agh!  I really  need to be taking that ginkgo more regularly, it seems. I’m hoping that it will help me  to remember to use my wintery chaffed hills and valleys knuckles when checking the days of the month instead of relying on my, obviously deteriorating primary school knowledge that is now not so reliable. There was no time to post last night, that apparent last day of June, so I decided to stick to my guns and pretend like my neighbours didn’t ever visit yesterday and that little days of the month debate we had never, ever took place, and post this today. Could you pretend, along with me, that today is not actually the 1st of July but rather the last day of June? That way I will be still on time with my Guest Nests posts and all will be well with the world.

OK, so now we’ve got that out of the way I can focus on what I’m really here for and that is, of course, some lovely, lovely  nesty  sticky beaking. What a special treat it is to have the lovely Georgina from Perpetual One as todays’ Guest Nester.  She has, so very kindly, allowed us to take a wander through her  nest and soak up the gorgeousness that is this old Queenslander.


Over to you Georgina … …

Hi Georgina and thanks so much for taking part in The Guest Nest and allowing us to sticky beak around here with you.

Who lives in your nest?

I live with my husband Nigel, and sons Kai (6) and Toby (4). We also share the house with our cat Frankie who is almost one. She is a beautifully natured cat who adds much laughter and love to our home.

georgina hobson 1 Country Style January 2010, Photos by Jared Fowler

georgina 2


How long have you lived here?

We have lived in this nest for almost five years. We moved to the Sunshine Coast in late 2006 and bought this house in May 2007.

What made you move to this nest?

My husband is a teacher and when he received a call to work near Noosa, we searched all over the Sunshine Coast eventually settling for a place in the Hinterland. I literally fell in love with the house as soon as I saw it – but I guess that is not surprising since I love old things and the chance to live in a country worker’s cottage was so appealing to me. We are not too far from school, shops and the beaches are about 25mins away.

Could you show us around your nest?

The house is a three bedroom worker’s cottage which we believe to be at least 90 years old. The earliest photograph we have found of it was actually from the Noosa Museum and was published in the local newspaper a few years back. It was really nice to see the house there and knew it existed with an actual date attached to it. The photo shows the Noosa Showgrounds (which is across the road from us) and you can see our home in the background behind one of the showground sheds. We have some more research to do about it’s history, but seem to uncover more as we go along and meet locals who tell us more pieces of the story.   georgina 3

The home has really suited us until now, but as our boys are growing up we are considering renovations to add an en-suite and extend the dining and living areas. We hope to keep the style of the house with any extensions so that the character of the home is maintained.

georgina 4 georgina 5  georgina 6 dining room georgina kitchen kitchen georgina boys room boys room (in a built in verandah at the side of the house) georgina lounge room (looking into the spare room from the lounge)

What is it that you love most about living in your nest?

My favourite thing about being here is the aspect of the countryside, the open spaces, greenery, and the mountain which is a major component of our view. Whilst I love visits to the cities (where I used to live) – I think I am becoming a country girl!

georgina outside (view from front verandah to Mt Cooroora) georgina verandah

Can you tell us a bit about your favourite room?

My favourite room in the nest is my bedroom. The combination of the views out the window, the light filled space and decor makes it a special place where I can relax, read and rest. When we set up the rooms, we kept our bedroom separate to the wardrobe. The clothes are kept in my office which has a large built in cupboard for storage. That leaves room in our main bedroom so that it doesn’t feel so cluttered. The bed is a wrought iron style which actually belongs to friends of ours – who loaned it to us when they went overseas. Other decor in the room includes a bedroom chair (which I plan to re-cover in linen), white tallboy and large mirror – which sits on top of a rustic dresser which I spent allot of time stripping crayon and stickers off.

How about your favourite feathering thing?

Probably my favourite piece in the bedroom is an oil painting which I picked up at auction a few years ago. It appeals to me as I see myself in the little girl who turns around to have one last look at the ocean.

georgina bedroom (looking into the main room) georgina painting georgina painting chair

Could you show us where you spend most of your time blogging?

I blog at my desk in my office space, which I also use as work-room for sewing.

georgina desk

You’ve got a gorgeous sunliner caravan called Sunny, right? Could you show us around your Sunny nest?

Sunny is our vintage caravan, which we bought in early 2010. She is a happy little lady who has toured the countryside of Australia. (Oh, the stories she could tell). We adopted her in Rockhampton where she resided with her previous owners for the past 30 or so years. Prior to that she lived near Moranbah. According to our research, she is a 1963 Sunliner. These fibreglass caravans were built in Forster, NSW by Mid-North Coast Moulded Products Pty Ltd, from the late 1950’s through to 1966. From july 2010-december 2011, we have traded from sunny as our little vintage wares shop at the local Peregian Beach Markets on the Sunshine Coast. We also featured her at our unique pop-up store Two Golden Hours held in June 2011. She is always a very popular lady at events and markets, with visitors recalling happy memories of holidays in an old caravan as children or young couples. We have also taken her on a few short getaways as a family and hope to do this more over the coming yea

Well thank you lovely, Georgina. That was such a lovely sticky beak at your nest. Isn’t Sunny the most gorgeous little shop front you’ve ever seen?   More Guest Nests to come.

Kim xx