The good news is that our slab is being poured today. Yah! The builder has tried his hardest to get rid of the muddy, slushy water that keeps on building up on our block of land. We’ve had a lot of rain without many warm breaks for drying out so the building site looks like an absolute boggy mess. Somehow he has managed to keep the most important bit snug and dry and so the concrete trucks will be arriving bright and early this morning. There will probably be a crane involved as the concrete trucks won’t be able to drive onto the block as it’s way too slippery but hopefully it’ll all work out OK and the slab will be finished today sometime. Though more rain is forecast…   The not so good news is that our hot water system seems to have died. For a girl who has showered every single morning since I don’t know when and washed her hair every single morning {I know, I know, they say it’s not good for your hair} since the same time, I am feeling very challenged and … grimey. I’ve tried everything to fix it but that little pilot light will not stay on. It may just be a dodgy eBay mistake that I’ve made. You know how they say that if it seems to good to be true it usually is? Could be one of those times. Agh! We thought it may be moisture getting in as the system is uncovered but I’m thinking that it should’ve dried out by now, surely? There’s plenty of gas in the bottle, so it’s not that. I’ve given it a fresh set of batteries. Not that. I’ve tried to pull the thing apart but it’s not that easy and when I look inside it I have no idea what I’m looking to fix. Does anyone have any  suggestion for fixing the darn thing? Stay clean! Kim x