I’m joining in today with the gorgy Bron at Maxabella Loves. It’s a one word link up. One word to give focus to 2012. I’m normally hopeless at summarising my life like that, into one word. I’m such a blabber-on-er-er that one word is NEVER enough. But, after thinking about Bron’s link up for a little while, it didn’t take all that long for a word to slap me fair in the face. And repeatedly. So i think I can say that without a doubt my word for the year is going to be SIMPLE To live SIMPLE lives. It’s all about downsizing and debt-fixing and re-evaluating what the heck is really important anyway and getting rid of the excess. Excess is soooo wasteful and it can cost big time. It’s the no frills year! We have to. I want to. Keep it SIMPLE. SIMPLE is going to be a challenge. There’s no doubt about it. I am so far from a simple human being it’s not funny. I’m complicated and emotional and driven {not always in a good way type driven}. I like pretty stuff and fiddly stuff and bits of this and bits of that. I like details. I like things that are of no proper importance. I’m nostalgic and sentimental. I’m pedantic and anal. i’m not a goer-with-the-flow-er. I’m all of those things that are going to make this year a challenge if my word is to be SIMPLE. But, I’m up for the challenge. It’ll be good.  It will make me more resourceful and mindful and open. I’m sure I will become way more frugal and practical and appreciative. So bring on the SIMPLE life this year. I’m ready. By His Grace.   Kim xx