I’m so sorry that Tea & Toast is a day late this week. The craziness of this time of year and all…I’m sure you understand. As they say, better late than never! And this week’s Tea & Toast is definitely one worth waiting for.

Woo hoo! This is going to be a fun, fun Tea & Toast today because as  well as the normal gallivanting around cyber space, sticky beaking into the dining rooms of creative duckies from all  over the world, we are going to have an extra special treat.

More on the special treat later {I’ve trapped you in my Tea & Toast lair now, haven’t I? Bwahahahahah!} First, grab some tea & toast and let’s have a little sticky beak around at some of the drool worthy Christmas tables I’ve found along my path lately…

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House In Scandinavian Minimalism With Vintage 2 House In Scandinavian Minimalism With Vintage
Which ones did you prefer? I certainly love ‘simpler the better’. So my favourites were these:
House In Scandinavian Minimalism With Vintage 2 House In Scandinavian Minimalism With Vintage

OK, now…back to the treat that I captured you with mentioned earlier.


Today, 4 of my gorgeous bloggy friends are here to help me out with Tea & Toast. They are 4 very special girls who love to decorate with style and creative flare. I love all 4 of their blogs to pieces and I visit them ever so regularly. They could be blamed for part of my blogging addiction {thanks for that girls;)} and they can also be thanked for much of the inspiration, encouragement and sparkle they bring to my screen life.

So, are you ready to meet them {though I’m sure many of you will already have come across their gorgy blogs} and share in some of their Christmas table love?
I’m sure you’re familiar with them already but I’m going to introduce each guest individually because they deserve every extra bit of attention and love.

So, I asked these nesty obsessed bloggy friends of mine if they would share with us an image (or images) of a Christmas table setting that would represent their favourite Christmassy display. It could be images that they’ve pinterested or it could be a real life table setting that they’ve set up themselves.

Here they are…

Drum roll please….

My first bloggy helper today is the lovely Leah from The Inside Story.

Leah is a decorating queen! She has beautiful styling taste and a gorgeous home that has featured in more than one magazine as well as the Wattyl paint ad. Her blog is filled with drool worthy nesty images and ideas for decorating and she also has a little regular post called Thursdays At My Table where she shows us her latest table setting. They are always so pretty and creative and ever so Leah.
Leah also has a beautiful little shop called My Home Atelier which she runs from her studio where she sells delightful home wares and antiques and lots of other lovely goodies.

Here’s Leah –

This is a table I have done recently, but I like it because it is easy to do, everything is cheap and easily accessible to put together. My paper Christmas table setting, where nearly all of it is made with paper, paper pom poms, paper doily placemats. brown paper table runner etc …

leahs xmas  table setting 2011

leahs xmas table setting 2

I love it! And that menu on the ladder at the end is so lovely.

OK, next up we have the lovely Tammi from little poppa.

Tammi is one of those creative crafty gals. She makes the most gorgeous clothes and bunting and knit ware and …well, what can’t you make, Tammi? She shares my love for vintage and repurposing and she’s also home schooling right now too. We have lots in common though not the crafty thing, obviously.

Tammi shares some of her favourite images that she’s collected along the way. I love everyone of them and couldn’t leave any out.

Here’s Tammi –

Christmas for us is about spending time with loved ones, we don’t do traditional when it comes to Christmas…we much prefer simple and laid back. Mismatched china/cutlery/glasses/chairs…vintage…understated…unfussy, preferably outdoors if the weather permits.










I’m so with you, Tammi – simple, rustic, easy and outdoors. Perfect!

Next up we have the lovely Amanda from The Lonny Report.

Some of you may remember Amanda from another blog she used to have called Swish and Swanky. Amanda loves decorating and pretty things. She’s also a home schooling mumma like me! I love how Amanda has combined her love for nesty things with her love for her kidlets. I think it says so much about the sort of person Amanda is.

Here she is –  

I’m a mama to three gorgeous and incredibly amazing unschooled children, currently living and learning together in Brisbane. I’m a decorator enthusiast, and I wish I was a good blogger. I’m hoping to find a new camera under the Christmas tree this year, and armed with that I’m going to keep a better record of our homeschooling adventures – that’s my New Years resolution!

Our Christmas table this year is an eclectic collection of old and new pieces, pieced together with my clever kids. I love pulling out our good dinner set at this time of year – it is special to me because it belonged to my great grandmother. This year we downsized our Christmas tree and I was a little bit sad I couldn’t unpack all of my lovely vintage ornaments (etsy), so we propped them in a glass apothecary jar leftover from my wedding. The kiddos picked out the blue reindeers to match my blue gift wrapping theme, and while I would have never picked them myself, they add a fun and quirky element to the table. I folded our napkins and tied them with a small piece of ribbon from spotlight to make them look like bows. I’ve had the tablecloth from Australian design house Dandy for a couple of years now, and it’s still a favourite.
Merry Christmas! xx


So pretty! I love the blue Amanda’s used and I think the reindeer look funky. Amanda’s kids have the flare! They must take after their mum, don’t you think?

OK then, well last but definitely not least is the lovely Kellie from 1000 Homes of Happiness.

Kellie and her kidlets aim to make 1000 origami homes of happiness and intend to leave them at some of their favourite places they visit. Kellie writes a word on each little home that comes from their house so it can be shared in the home of who ever discovers their little paper treat. It’s such a fun project and anyone can join in so pop on over to Kellie’s blog if you’d like to participate. We did and loved it!

Here’s Kellie –

This is our little home and a past Christmas table. Twenty adults and eight kiddies ate the most wonderful family meal here. I think it is those that sit around your Christmas table to share in a lovely meal that is the special part.

christmas table setting kellie

I so agree with Kellie. The table is all about the people ad the conversations and the memory making. Hence my reasoning for always wanting to have a huge dining table. The more the merrier!
Kellie’s table looks so pretty and inviting. I want to sit down there and stay all day! The tree with lights is beautiful. The warm glow of lighting gives such a warm, cosy touch. And for a gorgeously cool, rainy summer like the one we are having right now, I think we may be in need of some warm and cosy this Christmas. Yah! let it snow let it snow let it snow!

Thank you so very much you lovely, lovely girls. You have helped make this Tea & Toast my absolute favourite by far. Let’s do this again soon……please?

Happy …woops…Wednesday!

Kim xx