This is my first Tea & Toast Christmassy post and I’m soooo excited! So quick! Grab some tea & toast and let’s go!


I love the hand made ‘thing’ for Christmas. I think, for me, the more natural and simple things are, the better. The older I get, the more off tizzy baubles and tinsel, I’ve become.
Here are some lovely things that you could hand make for Christmas this year, if you are more of a crafty thing than me, that is. I honestly think I need to start a Craft Wreck {based on Cake Wreck} site because I am forever saying: ‘That looks soooo easy! I could do that!” and it ends up…well, a craft wreck. My wire Xmas decorations are a perfect example…but that’s another story…
Anyway, back to those who can make lovely things…

Handmade Christmas tree.
Handmade Christmas...

simple homemade christmas ornaments bauble step 8



The Style Files
My favourites are definitely the Style File goodies. So natural and simple and pretty. Surely I could have a go at some of those? They couldn’t be that hard? Here we go again!
Happy Tuesday!
Kim xx