I’ve recently been going through some of my photos and I can’t believe how quickly I’ve forgotten the earlier days of my garden. Growth, here, on this block of land – a swamp -  has been pretty amazing. Even in the drought things were growing. Since the beautiful addition of the floods earlier in the year, my garden has become a scene from The Day of the Triffids! When I think that only a few short years ago there was nothing here but a few box elders (and I’m soooo thankful for those beautiful trees…shade!), willows and privet. My garden is an ever-changing, alive entity. I love that about gardening – it’s never finished. Just when the thought crosses my mind: "Now, that’s all I’m going to do to that bit." I dream up some new idea and off I go, changing, changing, changing. When we first built out house, 4 plus years ago, I felt overwhelmed by the lack of patience I knew that I would have waiting for my trees and plants to grow. Yes, I am still lacking severely in patience, but I’m amazed at how quickly things have really taken off. I haven’t had to wait that long…phew! Here are some photos of my garden at different stages. I will have to dig deep to get the very first stages (maybe in another post) but, for now, here are some of the changes of the last couple of years. This is my front garden on the 26th of March, 2008. I had big plans for this area to be a formal spot with 4 flowering cherries surrounded by box hedge that would eventually become a sitting area. These plans had to change when 3, out of my 4 (very expensive!) cherries died fairly suddenly due to too much water – of all the things to die from in these dry, gardening days! 116 117 118 Here it is again, a bit later on the 4th of  January, 2009. The new plans began – 4 veggie beds with the box hedge within them 9to continue with a hint of formal). 4 beds quickly became 6. I’d really now like 8…we’ll see. P1041048 P1041049 And again on the 22nd of September, 2009. Visit Grandma May 2009 231 Visit Grandma May 2009 233 Here it is now in April 2010… as you can see it’s gone berserk! April 2010 again 020   April 2010 again 020 April 2010 again 029 April 2010 again 030 April 2010 again 033 April 2010 again 035 April 2010 again 037 April 2010 again 046 from Kianniny March 2010 043 Good Friday 2010 from Kianniny March 2010 057 This is part of the back garden area on the 11th of October, 2008. 121 And here it is now, April 2010. This is still a work in progress. This first bed has a lot of filling out to do…it’ll get there. You can’t even see the trampoline! from Kianniny March 2010 022 - Copy  from Kianniny March 2010 030 This is the making of the garden bed off the southern end of the house, not long after the new deck was built. October, 2008. 281 This is it now, in April 2010. Nice to see that weeping cherry has grown:) from Kianniny March 2010 029 - Copyfrom Kianniny March 2010 024 - Copy There’s so much more to do. My job list for winter gardening is looooong! I love winter gardening – cool, crisp air. Sunny, clear blue skies. Or overcast, dark, cloudy days…even better. Everything still and quiet and sleeping. I better go and have my shovel sharpened – Dad?